A Message of Female Empowerment from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Put Yourself First... For Him!

When you go to teach the child, the child often ends up teaching you. At least that’s what happened on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, when Rebecca headed to summer camp (alongside crush Josh Chan) to teach young campers about female empowerment.


As with literally everything Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) does, her plan to volunteer at a camp for at-risk teens to get closer to Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) backfired quickly and embarrassingly. She’s bullied by her campers, has an allergic reaction to mosquito bites, and—worst of all—is laughed at by Josh after she tries to read the love letter she wrote for him when they themselves were 16-year-old campers.

In her emotional unraveling, Rebecca comes clean to her campers, telling them that she actually came to camp to make Josh love her and not to teach them about the wage gap and leaning in. Now warmed to her, the teens decide to flip the script and teach her about female empowerment instead.


“That is the one thing a girl needs to teach herself over and over and over again,” a girl wisely says. “Never put a man first. Put yourself first.”

But what does that mean? Reading Gloria Steinem, taking ceramics classes, and growing your pit hair out like Rebecca suggests? No, you dumb lady idiots! It means getting a sexy makeover so that a dude will be like, “Damn, you’re hot! Let’s buy a house in Portland!”

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Madeleine Davies

I love this show so freaking much.