A Montage of Angelina Jolie's Ridiculous Acting in By the Sea

No creative decision in the bomb for the ages that Angelina Jolie wrote, directed, and starred in, makes very much sense, but among those that are the most confusing is her decision to yelp, whimper, moan, purr, and screech her way through the movie. Her wordless acting—often delivered after the most pregnant and time-wasting of pauses—pushes the movie into absurdity and makes periodically hilarious a project that seems to be taking itself way too seriously. By the Sea is now available on iTunes, which facilitated the supercut above. These are definitely the best parts of a very bad movie which was not nominated for an Oscar this year. Now you know why.


Didn’t have the sound on while watching this clip, but this movie looks like it might be pretty good with a fart reel.