A Sorry-Not-Sorry Anthem, Courtesy of JoJo

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Almost a year after introducing the term “tringle” into my life, JoJo announced that she’s dropping her third album in October, via a clever Instagram photo showing a pregnancy test... because she’s pregnant with an album! So here comes a heat-check single, “Fuck Apologies,” where JoJo forsakes the performative act of saying sorry.


The song has a spring-and-snap rhythm that tramples along while JoJo flippantly spells out her thought process, which amounts to: I’m not sorry, dude. Or, “Honestly, I was just about to pick up the phone/And then I realized I didn’t do nothing wrong.”


It has the attitude of a Fifth Harmony anthem but with JoJo’s trademark stank on it, and a Wiz Khalifa verse (he mentions Uber) that’s largely a throwaway. Still, we can consider this an unofficial companion piece both to Beyoncé’s “Sorry” and to Rihanna’s entire ethos.

UDPATE: And here’s the video in which JoJo also appears to be very not sorry about anything.

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I’m sad that “tringle” is not “eating three pringle chips at once”.