A TV Show Based on the Cynical Teen Comedy The Edge of Seventeen Is Coming to YouTube

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YouTube, where all the crazy kids go these days to watch new #content while I’m over here watching Six Feet Under episodes like a crone, just ordered a pilot based on the charming 2016 movie The Edge of Seventeen, Deadline reports.

I know what you’re thinking. Just kidding, I don’t know what you’re thinking. I only know what I’m thinking and it’s that Hailee Steinfeld made this movie! In the movie, Steinfeld plays outcast Nadine with melodramatic perfection, throwing an over-the-top fit when her sole BFF decides to date her older, popular brother (ugh, gross!) How could this TV show exist without her?

Well, the TV version of The Edge of Seventeen isn’t going to borrow straight from the movie. According to Deadline, this won’t be a remake or a sequel but will instead tell new stories about teenagers like how the Fargo TV show borrowed from the original movie. The show will reportedly “subvert standard teen show tropes while following a high-school student and her best friend as they navigate the relationships, feelings, and realities of being a teenage girl.” Well, that’s a tall order, but I’ll be watching.

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The only Edge of Seventeen I care about is the Stevie Nicks song because she’s a fucking badass. Her voice is incredibly sexy and powerful at the same time.

Also, am I to understand that there are TWO movies called Edge of Seventeen and neither of them have anything to do with the song?!