A documentary about twerking aptly titled Twerkumentary has been picked up for release in December, just in time for everybody who’s tired of talking about twerking.


The film, which tracks twerking from its roots in Africa to its fleeting pop culture explosion via Miley Cyrus’ rampant appropriation, intends to create “a deeper conversation about empowerment, freedom of expression and the influence that music and the internet have on cultures around the world,” according to Variety.

Spaghetto, an Italian filmmaker who started an Indiegogo campaign and released a trailer for the documentary in 2014, says the film also covers the phenomenon of Kawaii twerking in Tokyo.


Artists who appear in the film through interviews or dance segments include Big Freedia and DJ Jubilee (to cover twerking’s integration into the New Orleans bounce scene), E­40, Mistah Fab, George Clinton, Khia, Too Short, Diplo and, somehow, Kreayshawn. This documentary, which seems a bit slapdash and potentially thin as a legitimate source for deep historical context, will be released through the startup studio Supergravity.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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