A Very Emotional Playlist For the Mostly Placid Woman

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Very Specific Playlists is a new weekly feature in which Jezebel staffers make very specific Spotify playlists based on their weird proclivities.

My whole life, I've been accused of listening to depressing music. My mom has threatened to "fall asleep at the wheel" if I don't play something peppier; my friends have looked at me with narrowed eyes when I offer to plug in my Spotify. It's hurtful, okay?! My tastes are varied and eclectic, haters! I will, however, concede that moody sounds tend to hit my ear at a better angle.

Alternate headlines:

This Week's Very Specific Playlist: Let Us DJ Your Sad Daydreams

A Melancholy Playlist For the Emotionally Resilient Woman

A Somewhat Emotional Playlist for the Generally Mild Listener

Crying Is Healthy: A Mildly Depressing Playlist

I would like to tell you that I picked these bummer tracks after deciding upon a theme, but it was mostly the other way around—this playground of devastation is just my vibe! Stay with me, though: Yes, there are one or two tearjerkers in here, but in general the attitude here is less Lauren Conrad sobbing in a limo and more, like, a cathartic walk in the snow. Let's engage with our emotionality together, yeah?


"Keep On Lying" by Jessie Ware

I've had this song on repeat ever since Tough Love came out last year. A full-throated ode to denial that's deceptively simple and hard to shake.

"Fly Before You Fall" by Cynthia Erivo

I mean, wasn't Beyond the Lights killer? This perfect ballad gives me goosebumps on every listen.


"begin again" by Purity Ring

A pounding, sinister track from the recently released Another Eternity that makes me want to put on a black pleather bodysuit and stalk my enemies from the balcony of a high-rise as tears fall silently down my rain-streaked face. You know?


"Every Time The Sun Comes Up" by Sharon Van Etten

That special brand of ennui that only comes with a hangover, from the queen of "whatever, I'm sad" -core.


"Smother" by Daughter

I really, really don't know if more despairing lyrics exist than "I sometimes wish I'd stayed inside my mother."


"Waves That Rolled You Under (backstroke. Remix)" by Young Summer

In honor of that moment when you're having an amazing time at a party with all your friends and then realize, with a jolt, that temporality is inescapable and one day everyone you love will be gone :)


"Shoot The Moon" by Norah Jones

You know what, let's all forget about Starbucks for a second and acknowledge that Norah Jones is cool as shit. This song makes me nostalgic for things that never even happened. It is an incredibly soothing companion when Cooking For One, or when you want to imagine that it's the late '90s and you're in a relationship-defining fight with Hugh Grant.


"Civilian" by Wye Oak

I've been happily spinning out to this furious tune since my days as a melodramatic English major. Jenn Wasner's raging, methodical fingers are at beautiful odds with vocals that are effortless and buttery and heartbreaking all at once.


"All That We Had Is Lost" by Postiljonen

If "How Will I Know" took a Xanax and got pensive about past relationships.

"Stand Back" by Stevie Nicks

And here is your palate cleanser. Do you feel powerful now?


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Am I old? The only two on that list I've heard of are Stevie Nicks and Norah Jones.