Actor Who Played Vampire Shocked He Can Play Bat Man

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I decided to stan Robert Pattison endlessly the moment I saw that compilation video of him trash-talking the entire Twilight series, which I’ll take any excuse to repost. But Pattinson is still feeling insecure about his latest big role as Batman.


Yes, Pattinson is the new Batman, but he’s reportedly sort of stunned he got the part. “It’s kind of insane,” he told Esquire in a recent interview. “I was so far away from ever thinking it was a realistic prospect. I literally do not understand how I’ve got it, at all.”

Well, to start, Pattinson is a genuinely great actor. And secondly, he’s already played a dark, gloomy vampire. Vampires... historically turn into bats... you see where I’m going with this?

Anyway, congrats Pattinson, you got this.

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Robert Pattison is one of those people who you sometimes think, “Why is he considered so attractive?” (see header pic) and then you see other pictures and think, “Have him washed and bring him to my chambers immediately.” I feel the same way about Pete Davidson, but mine is probably a minority opinion.