After Leaving Coachella, Lana Del Rey Stopped In the Woods and Wrote a Song About North Korea

Image via screengrab.

I’m not gonna lie—I had complex feelings about the new song Lana Del Rey wrote and performed on Instagram whilst in a sequoia grove soon after leaving Coachella. I find it’s a tightrope between being vigilantly observant of Del Rey’s peculiar way of commenting on tensions with North Korea and also having enough space and time to appreciate the magic and beauty of spontaneous songwriting that occurs in the woods.

On my way into the office today I found myself compelled to visit an old favorite coffee shop near my train station where I took a moment to sit down and sip delicious java while watching (and rewatching) Del Rey’s latest Instagram masterpiece.

I just wanted to share her art in hopes that one individual’s hope and prayer for peace might contribute to the possibility of it in the long run. Hope everyone has a nice day, with love from New York.


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