Alicia Keys Releases '28 Thousand Days,' Is Still Making Bad Songs

Alicia Keys can’t seem to make a good song to save her life and it’s harder and harder to watch, er, listen.

On Friday morning, amidst the height of Drake and Meek, Keys released her newest attempt to get people’s attention with the poorly-timed song “28 Thousand Days” and it’s bad. Like, really bad. Like, you know she should be able to do better than this song but she hasn’t since released anything good since 2009’s The Element of Freedom and marrying Swizz Beatz. Like, you’re wondering if you should put her in the Kanye West box of artists who were once great but have tragically lost their inspiration and are flailing in front of us.

2015 wasn’t supposed to be like this.

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Cool yer heels, Mabel

This... sounds like a basement demo.