Alicia Keys Will Once Again Host Her Karaoke Night Known As the Grammys

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I didn’t have high hopes for Alicia Keys earlier this year, when it was announced that she’d be hosting the 2019 Grammys. She seemed like a weird fit for the show. But watching the ceremony, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only is Keys a weirdo, but that I loved every second of her being a weirdo!


When she pulled John Mayer up on stage to remind everyone of the time she lost to Mayer and he gave her half of his Grammy, I loved it. When she played two pianos as a tribute to Hazel Scott, I loved it. When, for no reason whatsoever, she started singing a medley of other people’s songs she wished she had written—songs that weren’t even nominated that year, like Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” and Lauryn Hill’s “Doo-Wop (That Thing)”—guess what? I loved it! The Grammy stage was Keys’s one-woman show, and she was doing whatever she wanted.

I guess she did something right, because now she’s returning to host the 2020 Grammys. Deadline reports that Keys will host the show on January 26. “Alicia 2019 raised the bar to the next level, and I have no doubt Alicia 2020 will take Music’s Biggest Night to all new heights,” Jack Sussman, EVP, Specials, Music and Live Events, CBS Entertainment told Deadline.


Sure, but what songs will she sing? #Alicia2020.

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She very much entertains me. I watched (And I never really do- I just check out highlight performances later on the web) bc I like her, but honestly I figured it would be a hot mess, and I was here for that. 

It was, but it WORKED somehow. I’ll take round two.