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Winter in many areas of the Northeast has turned our bodies the same temperature as our hearts, even indoors where insulation in the workplace is oddly lacking. Sweaters are our only respite in these conditions, even if it includes fantasizing about the cozy, aesthetically wild looks coming out of London Men’s Fashion Week and what it might feel like to wear one.

Are you dreaming about being warm right now? Does your office feel like a meat locker? Are your fingers cold? See your breath in the air when you have that rare desire to speak? Above and below are a few zany short-sleeved sweaters from the Sibling show at LFW that defeat the purpose of wearing a sweater, although the third one is cool mostly because of how warm it looks.


More from Sibling... The first look graciously considers the neck being cold.

Below, the first guy, from the Christopher Raeburn show, really loves his scarf, meanwhile the fashion trend of swearing long sleeves to completely cover your hands looks as bizarre as it does incredibly cozy.


These looks from Vivienne Westwood are going more for cool and disheveled than cozy so I’m not feeling it.