Allow Drew Barrymore to Teach You How to Use a Telephone

Drew WeeklyDrew WeeklyHighlighting the very special moments of Drew Barrymore’s very special talk show, served sunny-side up (just like how Drew likes it!)

Another week, another action-packed stretch for The Drew Barrymore Show. This week, we learned that Barrymore loves the sky, eggs and peanut butter, and Halloween, among things. She owns a bearded dragon named Jeremy, who is female (and a terrific complement to her male guinea pig, Daisy), is into puns (this we knew), and can fix a toilet. Wow! Is there anything she can’t do or doesn’t enjoy? She also acknowledged her lisp a few times.


The highlight of the below highlights reel from this week’s episodes, in my opinion, is an extended bit in which she instructed her viewers how to use a landline. It was capped with a call from a very special guest, an old...“friend” you might say. “What’s your favorite corny talk show?,” he didn’t ask, even though he should have. I’ll answer it anyway: The Drew Barrymore Show, all the damn way!

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.


Let's try it out!

This show is like daytime TV described by someone hallucinating in a hospital bed.