The teens continue to be our fictional heroes as well as our real life ones.

The Darkest Minds presents their particular version of a future dystopia where only the children can save us; in this world, it seems as though kids everywhere have been mostly wiped out. Those that remain have... powers. Mostly, they exhibit telekinetic abilities that allow them to do everything from ripping trees out of the ground to smashing helicopters to forcing a reluctant dance partner across the floor (get consent before moving someone with your mind, folks).


Stenberg’s character is informed by actor Mandy Moore that she is incredibly “rare,” and the trailer suggests she may be amongst the most powerful teens on this version of Earth. The movie seems to feature the usual tropes of a world gone wrong—chase scenes, identity crises, potential make out moments in the woods, and of course, a weird hand gesture to a crowd of stone-faced revolutionaries. That last part admittedly made me giggle and shake my head in disbelief, but this is a movie for the teens, and I’m willing to admit they know better than me. We’ll see if they still need the big screen inspo when the movie is released on August 3.

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