Summer approaches, so you’ll want to get line up a costume drama for the nights after the novelty of warm weather wears off and you’ll stay inside binge-watching instead. So it’s convenient that Amazon just cut a deal to stream Doctor Thorne, the latest from Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes.


That’s according to Variety, which reports the three-part series—adapted from an 1858 novel by Anthony Trollope—will debut online May 20.

A young man is expected to marry money, in the form of Allison Brie, playing the forthright American “Miss Dunstable.” But he loves another, specifically the relatively penniless niece of the titular doctor. The ITV trailer makes clear that much of the action revolves around money—who’s got it and who doesn’t.


Could use more shirtless threshing, to be honest, but it looks a little cheeky and a lot costumed, which is what really matters.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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