At this point, you simply must be aware of American Idol’s most God-loving contestant, who’s now maybe on shaky ground in the competition and not just with his wife. In Wednesday night’s episode, we saw Jordan Sasser’s new Danny Zuko look, heard his rendition of a second Celine Dion-popularized song, and learned that he is a huge fan of turtles.


Though Sasser’s choice of Celine Dion got him into this competition, “All By Myself” did not fare as well; Harry Connick Jr. called it “show-offy.” “You have a great gift, you can sing, but man, just for me personally, just don’t lose the emotion,” Keith Urban added, labeling the performance “theatrical.”

Sasser wanted to make it clear, however, that he was taking their advice to heart. “Thank you all for sharing that, seriously, because I want to learn so bad, so thank you,” he said to the judges.

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Regardless of the strength of his performance, his wife and daughter were still in the audience cheering him on. You may recall that Sasser and Alex had some troubles during their auditions for the show, when he made it through and she did not. On her new blog Team Sasser, Alex has addressed that drama:

What you DIDN’T see on TV was the FIRST thing I said to the cameras when I walked out of the audition room… *with tears in my eyes* (& 1,000% honesty) “I’m just so excited for my husband.” I said it over & over & over because it was the only good & honest thought I could find to say.

All appears well in paradise now, and tonight, Sasser will duet with a past idol. We can only pray that he will be paired with Clay Aiken.

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