America's Next Top Model Picked a Winner Who Looks Like Gigi Hadid

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The judges on this season of America’s Next Top Model were all about finding a top model who was also a complete package—a boss, business, and brand, in their words—which is probably why the winner of Cycle 23 looks so familiar.


In Wednesday’s night’s season finale, India Gants, a 20-year-old from Seattle, was crowned the winner of this season. And, yes, she bears a strong resemblance to Gigi Hadid, one of the young, privileged models whom the judges constantly referenced, along with Kendall Jenner, as prime examples of what they were looking for on the show. (The panel briefly pointed out the resemblance to Gigi in a previous episode.)

During last night’s panel, Tyra Banks briefly popped in with advice for the judges on how to choose wisely. There was Tatiana, a model who’d launched her own line of lotion and took solid photos but didn’t have an “editorial” look. And there was India, who took amazing photos but needed work with branding. “We have a Kylie and we have a Kendall,” Tyra noted.

While Rita Ora believed in the power of self-improvement (“Over time, you can create a superstar. I believe it,” she said), Law Roach argued, “I was always told to never fall in love with someone’s potential.” Right, how is this different from the previous ANTM if the choice is a model who isn’t quite a complete package.

Drew Elliott was the most impassioned during an awkward dispute about lotion. “You can sell lotion and I will sell a brand,” he said, arguing in favor of India, in response to Roach. At any rate, the winner they chose is the more conventional model who looks like a model who’s already successful.

And here’s Gigi:

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