Amy Grant Re-Released 'Baby Baby' With Help From Tori Kelly and Let Me Tell You, I Fucking Love It

“Baby Baby,” a song I love because my mother has good taste in music and one that I only just realized could be sung as “Bobby Bobby” at karaoke, has been re-released by its original vocalist Amy Grant, along with a little help from the increasingly unavoidable (and sort of undefinable) pop mirage Tori Kelly.


This song is so good that it’s gotten me excited for the summer—a season which traditionally fills me with anxiety regarding ultraviolet rays and arriving at work drenched in sweat. And a good summer song, as I define it, is one best listened to in a convertible while driving down an open road on the California coast. I hate driving and don’t particularly enjoy being in California, so making me want to do both those things requires something special. “Baby Baby” had it in 1991, and—against all odds—found a way to maintain just about everything that made it so irresistible in the new release (even the key change, thank god).

This is as low-risk and carefree as pop music gets and I will listen to it all summer long until the waterfalls of sweat short-circuit my headphones.

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Marzipan in your Pie Plate

Aw memories. I remember when I had to stop listening to Amy Grant because she went secular.