After 14 years off the air, All That is coming back to Nickelodeon on Saturday night. Even though the revival boasts a new cast, the producers will pay homage to the original by keeping TLC’s iconic theme song and continuing a few of the show’s most popular sketches, including Good Burger, Vital Information, and Loud Librarian.

Lori Beth Denberg’s Loud Librarian, Ms. Hushbaum, wasn’t afraid to take up space in a man’s (or child’s) world, and trying to silence her only made her turn up the volume tenfold. She can do it all, from riding a motorcycle through the library to playing the drums to bowling a strike on the first try.


Watch the video above for a refresher of some of Denberg’s best moments as Loud Librarian, before she returns to screaming at a new set of children.

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Lori Beth Denberg is a damn national treasure and I hope life has been good to her.