Ana and Christian Look Happy and Rich Together in the Fifty Shades Freed Teaser

The Fifty Shades Freed teaser that played during the end credits of Fifty Shades Darker earlier this year has surfaced and it looks like a beautiful ending to a dark tale, maybe. The second installment in this popular sex franchise starring Rita Ora, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan—which Jezebel watched as a group—focused on Anastasia and Christian broadening their relationship outside of kinky sex.


This short teaser for the third and final film, due in theaters on February 9, 2018, finds Ana luxuriating in wealth and happiness with her new fiancé. “I just can’t believe that I have this life with you,” she says. But are they finally freed?

Image screengrabs via Universal
Image screengrabs via Universal
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Yetta Styles

Is this the part where he purposefully “puts” hickeys all over her chest area so she can no longer wear bikinis to the beach? As a “punishment” for going topless for like, five minutes? How romantic, you guys. Let’s all swoon together!