And Here's Cyndi Lauper Covering the Patsy Cline Song ‘Walkin’ After Midnight’

Cyndi Lauper has covered the famous Patsy Cline tune “Walkin’ After Midnight” several times live; now you can hear a brand new studio version.


That’s via the Wall Street Journal, who also talked to Lauper about her upcoming country album, Detour. She explained she’s always loved the song. “In the ‘80s, when I was famous, I wasn’t able to go out much,” she said, adding:

“I didn’t want to live with the whole bodyguard thing. I hate that. At that point in my life, I just stayed in and my friend worked at MCA and sent me all these Patsy Cline tapes. That was like my best friend and I sang and sang with her.”


Click through to hear the studio version at the WSJ.

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Lana del ¿Qué?

Is it OK if I don’t listen to it? Patsy is a minor deity in my household, and Cyndi Lauper can’t sing.

Also: I have never admitted this to other humans, but I’m obsessed with Beverly D’Angelo as Patsy in “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and want her to be my BFF.