And Here's Live Footage of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Making Up

Taylor Swift’s video for her latest single, the GLAAD-namedropping “You Need to Calm Down,” has trailer parks, back tattoos, evangelical trolls, Ryan Reynolds painting, and one big food fight that’s supposed to symbolize what it feels like to log onto Twitter.

Besides the obvious political overtones, Swift also uses the video as a vehicle for personal life drama; finally, we have footage of her and former nemesis Katy Perry making up, ending their years-long feud over... John Mayer, if I remember correctly.


To really drive home the message that anyone can overcome their differences and get along, Katy dressed up as a burger (a callback to her Met Gala costume), while Taylor wore a french fries costume. Everyone knows these are two foods that don’t normally go together, so the fact that they end up as friends is really a love story for our time:

Rest in peace to this longstanding and occasionally entertaining feud.

Watch the video in full below:

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