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ANOHNI, whose 2016 Hopelessness was one of the most compelling and beautiful albums protesting political corruption in years, has long worked on a fluid project known as “Future Feminism.” Realized in the past as a manifesto, art shows, and performances, ANOHNI is now bringing the Future Feminism project to Denmark this month as a sort of festival.

Currently the Artist-in-Residence at Aarhus, Denmark, ANOHNI is filling her month-long stay with exhibitions and talks which include performance art workshops with co-creator Kembra Pfahler, panels on deconstructing “male-centric” language and “male spiritual supremacy,” a presentation on domestic violence in Denmark featuring a self-defense workshop and more.


The project sounds similar to the 13-day Future Feminist performance that ANOHNI and several other feminist artists held in New York City at the Hole gallery in 2014. The Future Feminist collective are a group of feminist, woman-identified artists who are “preoccupied with the future,” in particular climate change and protecting the Earth (something ANOHNI has been especially interested in her entire career as a musician.)

“The directives of FUTURE FEMINISM are a provocation that, at their core, call for the reconstitution of a feminine collective consciousness,” reads the site for the project. “Which if radically empowered, might be strong enough to reorganize our behaviors as a species and save what remains of our world.”