Ansolo, Where Were You When I Was Becoming A Woman?

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When I was a young Jewess, the world was a place that was still unkind to my people. Jews were allowed to be comedians, doctors, financial advisors, deli owners... But house DJs? Haha, forget about it.

So, I was forced to practice sexy dancing in front of a mirror, and, later, in front of all my peers at the 100 bar and bat mitzvot I attended in one season, to *NSYNC and Savage Garden and Sisqó—artists that were hip, but deeply goyish. As a result, it’s possible I never became a real woman at all. If only Ansel Elgort had lost his virginity, discovered progressive house, become DJ Ansolo, and written this bar mitzvah-worthy banger by 2001, I might know where my clit is today.


Ansolo’s first single “To Life” is, according to MTV, “an old-world blaster complete with deep brass squawks and pulsating pounds,” two things that you better believe teenage Joanna was thirsty for. Around minute 1:03, Ansolo really gets into it with kosher clarinet trills meant for the folksiest klezmer band.

Check out “To Life,” a banger for your bubbie and your double-A boobies. L’chaim.


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can we get an official response from ellie on this?