Valentino’s fall 2016 Haute Couture presentation was reportedly inspired by “the Shakespearean world transformed into an emotional alchemy,” which evidently included a broad reimagining of the ruff, that starched ruffled status symbol that makes portraits of Queen Elizabeth I look kind of like her head is on a platter. Would you wear this?

Let’s take another look.

See, I like these. The first and last I can see someone wearing on the red carpet today; the middle two are a bit more literal in a way that makes them both less wearable and more visionary.

And then:


Nooo. Fuck no! What is this, Hilary Mantel appreciation day? Are we trying to look like a bunch of prim ghosts, or something? Also, how are you supposed to not get food in these things? If we’re all choking in ruffs in 10 years, you better believe there will be pieces of granola and dried guacamole lodged in every single bloody crevice.

What do you think?


Images via Getty.