Are You Ready to Cry When Beth Dies?

After anticipation reached near feverish proportions, the trailer for the upcoming Little Women movie starring apparently everyone—Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Timothée Chalamet, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern—has just dropped.

There’s been a version of Little Women starring Katherine Hepburn...

and one featuring Elizabeth Taylor...

and a version with era-defining Christmas music...

a BBC version with Angela Lansbury...

and another inexplicably set in the modern era.

Of course, all those versions of Little Women mean that we cannot be said to “need” another, but the trailer looks spritely and imbued with a certain cheeky spirit that adaptations sometimes lack. More importantly, THIS Little Women is directed by Lady Bird’s Greta Gerwig and stars Saoirse Ronan, and hence it is the Little Women for our time.


Also, I will literally never get tired of watching Jo burn Meg’s hair off.

This post originally misspelled Angela Lansbury’s name; as penance, I will solve 14 murders in a small town in Maine.

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Curious Squid

Little Women is one of those things I KNOW is peak white person and I maybe shouldn’t like or be able to relate at all, but it’s been one of my Favourites since I was old enough to read it and I watch every adaptation I can get my hands on, including the Broadway musical, the YouTube web series where they’re modern and Canadian and sending video diaries to their mother who’s away doing army shit and Meg is gay and Beth has chronic social anxiety and plays the guitar, and the fanfic-lit sequel “March” that won a Pulitzer or something several years ago. Like, if someone did a version with sock puppets I’d probably watch that too.

I think bits of it are still vaguely relevant, like Jo consciously choosing to write stupid pulpy thrillers because they pay the bills, and especially like Marmee’s bit about being a woman who’s been deeply deeply angry about how shitty life is but has learned to swallow it because that’s what women have to do.

And I will forever love how Amy and Laurie ending up together and Jo ending up with a fat middle aged German professor (though most of the movies cast him as younger and hotter) was Alcott gleefully and deliberately trolling her fan base because she was pissed off that all so many of them seemed to care about was shipping Jo and Laurie.

I will be in the cinema for day one release, quite probably alone, and joyfully.