Ariana Grande and John Legend teamed up to sing the charming title duet on the soundtrack to the live-action Beauty and the Beast, Disney’s heartwarming tale about kidnapping starring Emma Watson. In the music video, Legend and Grande—who’s being swallowed by a metaphorical rose dress—sing their hearts out in celebration of a beautiful, epic bestiality romance. Little did they know they’d be trapped in the video forever. It’s just as enchanting as the song itself, and there are several people/things in the video that need to be saved.

1) Save Ariana Grande from the roses trying to attack her and steal her essence.

Save her!

2) Save the poor inanimate objects forced to bear witness to this beast lovin’.

3) Save Belle, who’s about to get eaten.

4) For the love of God, save John Legend, who’s trapped in this decorative ballroom and crying out for help.

Save them all.