As a Man, the Trailer for Taraji P. Henson's What Men Want Is Actually What I Want

In the year 2000, writer-director Nancy Meyers released her only bad film, What Women Want, which went on to become the second highest grossing romantic comedy of all time (without adjustments for inflation). It starred Mel Gibson as a misogynist advertising executive who gained the ability to read the minds of women—and only women!!!—after being electrocuted in a bathtub by a hair dryer. By the end, he’s still a misogynist, but at least he used his new ability to fuck Marisa Tomei a couple of times, prevent Judy Greer from mayyyybe dying by suicide even though he was one of the reasons she was so miserable in the first place (a strange and dark climax!!!), and to get Helen Hunt to fall in love with him after getting her fired from her job as his boss!!!


But that was 18 years ago! And, as you can tell in the trailer for What Men Want, everything’s different now! In this movie, Taraji P. Henson plays a frustrated and disrespected lawyer at a male-dominated firm who gains the ability to read the minds of men—and only men!!!—after falling and hitting her head at a club. She appears to use her new ability to win at poker, take down the asshole lawyer at her firm played by New Girl’s Max Greenfield, make partner, shame misogynists like ones played by Tracy Morgan, and, I don’t know, fall in love with Mark Cuban? Or Shaq? (The romance subplot is unclear, so let’s go with that.) I wouldn’t say I laughed out loud while watching this trailer, but I will say that, as a man, it gave me everything I wanted out of one, namely: a fart joke, Erykah Badu, and zero appearances by Mel Gibson.

It comes out in January, which is a terrible sign. But oh well! Anything’s better than watching What Women Want again. I hope What Men Want makes three billion dollars.

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The High Woman In The Castle

OMG the real meeting versus the fake meeting. This shit happened to me all the time on Capitol Hill.

The fake meeting takes place during regular business hours and appears to have substantive progress. You leave that meeting feeling proud and productive.

The real meeting takes place outside of work when the women have family and home obligations to get to while the men stay as late as they want because they have wives to take care of family and home obligations. During the real meeting, the work either gets done or redone. The boss is usually there for the same reason the men are.

Then when you find out all these details and decisions have changed on your own damn project and you want to know how, some dude will use vague or passive voice (“It was decided that...” or “Someone thought that...”) to explain why something you’re in charge of isn’t really yours anymore. When you ask why people were meeting without you, they’ll say it wasn’t planned and “we all got to talking” and then you’ll be reminded that getting individual credit isn’t important because we're all one team. Then the dudes use your stuff to get raises and promotions.