Ashlee Simpson Is Coming Back to Reality TV, Baby!!!

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There was a time when Ashlee Simpson, sister to Jessica and daughter-in-law, lest you forget, to Diana Ross, broadcasted details of her personal life and changes in hair color on national television. It was a simpler time, almost 15 years ago, and even though we can’t turn back the clock, break free from this hellscape we live in, and return to that era (haha, not that I even want to! Haha!), we can now look forward to Simpson gracing our TV sets (or Apple Watches or whatever you watch TV on nowadays) once more.


E! has announced that Simpson and her husband, Evan Ross (yes, the reason why she’s now related to Diana Ross), will star in a new docuseries (the new word for “reality TV show”) about their lives, per Deadline. The show will follow the “young millennial” couple (okay) as they record an album together, their first as a duet, which, frankly, I am beyond excited to witness. How much of the story line will revolve around Ashlee’s infamous SNL flub and subsequent hoe-down? Will the show ignore that altogether? Does Ashlee want to return to music? Will Diana Ross show up? Mentor her? What about Pete Wentz?

The show’s working title is Ashlee and Evan, but I think it could also work as The Ashlee Simpson-Ross (Did You Know She’s A Ross Now?) Show.

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Some weekends in high school it felt like the WORST to stay in on a Saturday night, but one chill night I had a gal pal over and we watched the Ashlee Simpson flub on SNL in real time. This was before social media, children! We were grateful to have someone else in the room to corroborate just what the help happened.

I will only enthusiastically watch if Ryan Cabrera shows up.