I like DNCE’s “Toothbrush” despite myself and its cheesy lyrics, mostly because it sounds like Phoenix (the band) by way of an Orange Julius, and also because invocations of wearing a dude’s t-shirt in the morning always spur a touch of romantic sentimentality. In the new video, plus size model and general goddess Ashley Graham portrays Joe Jonas’s new gal, sauntering around a Soho apartment in a white tee and underwear, being generally cool at sunset.


Cosmo wrote that Graham is “liv[ing] out every girl’s fantasy” by making out with Joe Jonas, a sentiment I disagree with; the real fantasy being played out here is Joe’s desire to make out with Graham, who has been married to cute and hot cinematographer Justin Ervin for six years, and who maybe probably wouldn’t IRL date poor Joe Jonas even if she were single—which is no offense to Joe really, just that Ashley Graham rules and, you know, she’s Ashley Graham. Still, really like the dreamy sunset lighting in this clip, and of course it features my cool friend Cole Whittle and his singular style. DNCE’s SWAAY EP is out now.

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