Ask Drew Barrymore How She's Doing and Then Take Cover

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It began simply: Drew Barrymore’s beloved guest Kristen Bell asked, “How are you?” And this is what she received in return:

“You know, thrivin’ and just surviving. And I just spit. And hugging and spitting and chewing and just anything. I saw a mom friend the other day and she hugged me on a street corner and I wanted to scream, ‘What are you doing?’ And, you know, just living in that really bizarre, weird, surreal, sci-fi movie world.”


Thanks to Drew, we’re all living in that really bizarre, weird, surreal, sci-fi movie world.

It was Cake Week on this week’s The Drew Barrymore Show, which meant a lot of kitchen hijinks (decorating a splatter cake, Drew realized on the spot, was “one of the funnest things I’ve ever done”), a lot of talking with food in her mouth on television (this is one of Drew’s signatures), and a frantic search through a King cake to find the baby inside. There was also an important “a-ha moment” in which Drew realized the miniature cake she was holding was “the perfect marriage between a cake and a cupcake.” You can never predict when inspiration will strike!

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.


tonight, living in a fantasy

A few articles back mentioned how she’s on 20mg of Lexapro. I’m starting into month 2 of that, and girl, I totally get it. I know it could be a temp side effect, but this shit has me PUMPED. With a cup of morning coffee? Holy fuck I sometimes feel like I woke up and did an 8 ball, but without the focus.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I like Drew, always have. She’s way more relatable than most people on tv.