Mar 8 2013

Went to see Oz. If anyone is on the fence seeing this movie I'd suggest seeing it. The only disappointment for me was the Wicked Witch. They really should have made her more creepy. Although they did explain in a round a bout way why water kills her. Read more

Feb 19 2013

It's kinda weird. I work at a gas station where we sell x-box points. A couple of days ago this lady came in and bout about $80 in x-box points for her husband to get the season pass for CoD. We had this kind of genuine and completely random 'fuck Call of Duty, fuck season passes, and fuck microsoft points' moment Read more

Feb 1 2013

Yay! I finished Persona 4. Great Game. Now I have to play it again to get all the social links I missed.

Jan 30 2013

You said you loved me Chie but you don't want to introduce me to your family? I thought we had something Chie...

Jan 29 2013

It just hit me as I was fighting the last boss of Persona 4... this is a motherfucking Analogy of the Cave metaphor. Hell, the monsters are even called 'Shadows'. Read more

Jan 23 2013

Ok, so I'm trying to get to the final boss in Persona 4 in Magatsu Mandala World and... I have no fucking clue where to go. I usually don't ask for help on games but I am so fucking stuck right now.