Ayo and Rachel Are Single Deserves to Be a Full Series

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Screenshot: YouTube

The new Comedy Central web series Ayo and Rachel Are Single only has two bite-sized episodes to its name, each clocking in at about five minutes, but I already want more.


The short series follows Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri—each hilarious stand-up comedians in New York City—as they navigate the hellmouth that is modern dating. But it’s not a handwringing, sanitized depiction of ~* millennial dating *~. The show feels like a satire of overwrought conversations on “hook-up culture” and “ghosting,” as Sennott and Edebiri discuss ridiculous dating trends like when you get “pied-pipered,” which is when “a guy in a woodwind ensemble takes you back to his lair, full of rats.”

“Have you ever been ‘murdered?’” Sennott asks Ayo. “It’s when a guy takes you on a date and then he kills you.” Ugh, tell me about it!

The fact that these two can pack as many jokes and brilliant bits into such a short timeframe (like when a party full of prospective Tinder dates ends in a new podcast just for dudes being formed, a scenario that chills me to the bone) means this show should be way longer than it is. Surely the network can find some space between *squints at the Comedy Central website* Crank Yankers and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah for a full-length treatment once people can actually film television again.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel