Baz Luhrmann's Boogie Down Bronx Musical The Get Down Is Finally Almost Here

Movie musical impresario Baz Luhrmann is deep into the 1970s Bronx—that era and place in which city blight and rampant poverty led young people to get beyond creative, inventing hip-hop, punk, salsa and disco—and finally, his Netflix show about it will debut August 12.


The several trailers for The Get Down have showcased the kind of spectacular musical sequences Lurhmann’s known for, but this latest, longer trailer gives us more in the way of plot and substance. Starring Dope’s Shameik Moore, a true star in the making who’s already proved he’s ripe for this type of project (never forget that song he did with Shawty Lo), The Get Down seems to depict the way a group of kids surrounded by the hustle of an ostensible warzone come of age and transform themselves into their own kinds of superheroes. The dance scenes and the slight surrealism look great, and I can’t wait. It better work, though, because a lot of people have a lot invested in this era—including, one presumes, executive producer Nas.

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I’m nervous but hopeful about this. I loved Strictly Ballroom and Romeo + Juliet. Hated Moulin Rouge and sorta wrote Luhrmann’s films off after that. Hoping he can harness his manic camera energy into intensity and passion instead (probably fruitless to hope for this, I know, but I’m doing it anyway).