...Or, he played a whiny little brat in a movie once. See, before J.J. Abrams made a name for himself creating beloved series like Felicity and Lost, and directing blockbusters like Star Trek and the Avatar-obliterating Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he tried his hand at acting.

His second movie—and the first in which his role was of any significance—was Six Degrees of Separation, an adaptation of the John Guare play that starred Stockard Channing and Will Smith. In addition to being one of the best movies of the ‘90s, it contains a scene in which Abrams’s character screams “YOU’RE AN IDIOT! YOU’RE AN IDIOT!” at his father over the phone for allowing a con man into their family’s Manhattan apartment.


Before breaking box office records, J.J. Abrams was an angsty teen. Just like all of us.

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