Bella Hadid Gets Her First Vogue Cover

It’s not one of the top-tier iterations of the brand, but it’s still Vogue nonetheless: the less famous half of the maybe-they’re-supermodels, maybe-they’re-not sister pair, Bella Hadid, is on the cover of Vogue Turkey.

I can’t read any of what they’ve posted online because it’s in Turkish, but the article in question is of course titled “Ciao Bella!” and the spread has a very old Hollywood feel to it (with some tasteful underboob added).


It’s still early on the West Coast, so Bella’s mother Yolanda has not yet weighed in on what is surely the highlight of her week—at least until one of her children is photographed for another publication.


In related news, Vogue has an app now, and Bella’s sister Gigi is featured twice in this video of a very bored Anna Wintour explaining how great it is.

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Cathy Ames-Trask, fka Angelica Schuyler

who wore it better tho?