Bella Thorne Plays a Bank-Robber Influencer in Infamous Trailer

In the upcoming film Infamous, Bella Thorne revamps a classic Bonnie & Clyde tale: she’s Arielle and Jake Manley (A Dog’s Journey) is Dean—two lovers who commit crimes together and document them on social media, earning millions of followers for their stunts. It is an insane premise with a trailer that truly delivers.


Arielle and Dean are small-town hotties, bored of their humdrum lifestyle. Arielle has an insatiable desire to become famous, Dean presumably just likes Arielle. He also looks shockingly similar to Thorne’s real-life ex-boyfriend, the rapper Mod Sun, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. According to Entertainment Weekly, Dean is an ex-con who loses his abusive father, causing the pair to go on a crime spree—robbing gas stations and small establishments before graduating to bigger gains.

All the while, Arielle live-streams their endeavors (behind a face covering, one might add), causing them to go viral. At one point in the trailer, she screams, “People care about me and I like that!” At another point, Dean responds, “I don’t even know what this is anymore,” which is the exact feeling the teaser elicits. According to Just Jared, the tagline on the official movie poster is “Viral fame is a dangerous game.” If this doesn’t immediately become a kitschy cult classic, I will be so disappointed.

Infamous is out June 12, digitally I assume.

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