Bey Came Through!

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Remember Beyoncé? She releases music when she likes and ignores her fans’ unquenchable thirst for bops, too busy posting on her secret Instagram or sending her famous friends car-sized boxes stuffed with her clothing line to care about our needs? That’s behind us now, because she finally came through!


Mere moments ago, Megan Thee Stallion announced a remix of her hit single Savage, featuring Beyoncé. Yes, an actual remix, that you can listen to whenever you like, and not a seedy, low-grade mp3 you downloaded from a site that definitely gave your personal information to some 15-year-old hackers.

A Hot Girl Lockdown is exactly what we need right now! I just hope that everyone in my life has some expensive earplugs they can utilize in the coming weeks, as I expect to be shaking my ass on just about every surface in sight until I get bored of this song, or we’re allowed to go outside again. As for if this is a harbinger of more Beyoncé music to come, I’d rather not hold my breath. You can’t dance if you’re passed out on the floor!