Beyoncé's New Commercial For Ivy Park Gives Us the Secret Ingredient to Her Workout

How does she do it? The dancing. The singing. The incredible body that can wear the hell out of her branded athleisure collection that has just announced its 2016 Fall/Winter collection? Let Beyoncé tell you.

Over a beautiful montage of our queen on stage, at the gym, posing for the camera and chilling with her family, she intones about that moment in a workout when you’re just about to give up. She says, “I picture that one person I love more than anyone. I picture them where ever they are in the world. And I imagine myself running towards them. I see their face they’re smiling, they’re cheering and they’re so proud of me. I make it to the end I push past the pain and I find... love.” So, it’s kind of like The Fifth Element.


It’s beautiful that Blue Ivy motivates her mother to stay fit and sell clothes. When I was a kid, my mom would do squats when we were alone in the elevator and I’d shriek, “Mom, you’re EMBARRASSING me!”

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