Beyoncé's Teen Protegées Chloe x Halle Dropped a Banger of a New Video

Chloe x Halle, wildly talented teen sisters who Beyoncé signed to her Parkwood Entertainment label after their baby years in show biz, are already putting forth their bona fides. In “Drop,” their debut and an utter banger of a single, the duo combines operatic, haunting verses with strong and folk-influenced choruses over big ol’ dollops of bass, spiraling drum solos, and lyrics that amplify that, shit, it’s hard to be 16 out here. (Chloe is 18 and that’s hard too.)


But also, it’s one of the most unique sounds I’ve heard in a long time, and with the full Bey force behind them, it seems definite that they’re going to be stars. In the video, they’ve woven their hair together, united as one, and do their choreography with horses in an open plain. “Don’t stop when the beat drop/it’s too strong,” they sing, a plaintive plea, and yeah, we’re pretty convinced not to.


Here they are two years ago covering Lorde’s “Royals,” an obvious antecedent to “Drop.” This video has over 1,671,000 views.

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BB&J: The poster currently known as BB&J

I like it, but like most Beyonce-inspired tracks, there’s always one part that’s wayyy too busy on the ear. That middle bridge/breakdown section completely overshadows their lovely voices and distracts from the minimalist theme that the song sets.