Björk Plays Ball With an Alien (Not a Euphemism, Or Is It?) in 'The Gate' Video

Pop stars (and their teams) know that a great video can elevate a song, and so it’s particularly heartening to see Björk remains in command with that aspect of pop stardom, even as her hooks evaporate and the case for calling her music pop becomes increasingly difficult to argue. That’s to say that Björk’s tuneless new single “The Gate” is a far cry from her days as an alien earworm factory, but its video is sumptuous enough to make the song worth enduring. Repeatedly. An CGI-heavy exercise in iridescence, the visual collaboration with Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and artist Andrew Thomas Huang mostly focuses on Björk passing a tentacled orb from her chest to that of some kind of alien form. I think it’s supposed to symbolize shared affection, but maybe they’re just doing it. Hard to say. Nice to look at, though.


Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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So, we’re supposed to be mad at Björk for straying from Pop?