Björk's New Virtual Reality Video Turns Her Into a Glowing Sea Creature & Won't Make You Barf

Just kidding, I have no idea if this is vommy because I am not watching it in VR, but Björk is back with a segment from the virtual reality family of her art-based vids, this time for the Vulnicura track “Notget.” One thing I do know is that it looks better than the new live-action Ghost in the Shell.


As ever, the narrative is that Björk is some sort of undiscovered deep-sea creature, or perhaps an outer-space cyborg whose face-piece is keeping her alive in a hostile atmosphere. Eventually, she morphs into an octopod and becomes a burst of light. It’s about right!

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while i wasn’t a fan of her last album (or the direction of this one, thus far) - is there a more challenging musical artist right now? it’s been awesome to watch her grow from the Sugarcubes to now.