Blake Lively Is Blind, Then Not Blind in Trailer for All I See Is You

Image: Open Road Films
Image: Open Road Films

Blake Lively’s post-Gossip Girl pivot into film seems to consistently place her in peril.


In the trailer for All I Can See Is You, from director Marc Forster, Lively is blind and then no longer blind, after an operation restores her sight. A miracle—but in a twist, it’s actually a nightmare.

Some other things that happen to Blake Lively when she’s suddenly able to see again, aside from actually being able to see: she dyes her hair from a nice brown to platinum; she spends a lot of time watching fish in an aquarium; her entire life is scored by a creepy chorus of singing children; she either hates or loves her husband, played by Jason Clarke. It also looks like there’s some sort of red-lit sex club scene, but honestly, it could be anything. Anything!

The sense of discombobulation and the trippy visuals, bro, were part of Forster’s vision: “When I make a film, my visuals are always guided by the motivation of both the character and the story,” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “In this case, I wanted to find a way to tell a story without the limitations of traditional narrative devices, where I could literally embody a painter and create innovative and fluid visuals.”


Imagine if you were blind, and then, all of a sudden, after extensive surgery and what I assume is a lot of money, you can see again. This is what it might be like. Right?

All I Can See Is You opens in theaters October 27.

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I’ll see it. I was legally blind from the age of 5 and had surgery in my early 20s to restore my vision. Even with the aid of corrective lenses, I still had really messed up sight. This whole premise, which appears similar to The Eye, really preys on the sensory fears you overcome when you suddenly get something like vision back after years of not experiencing it like the rest of the world does. Sometimes I still like to turn off all of the lights and get around in the dark because it feels more natural.