Blake Lively Is Blind, Then Not Blind in Trailer for All I See Is You

Image: Open Road Films

Blake Lively’s post-Gossip Girl pivot into film seems to consistently place her in peril.

In the trailer for All I Can See Is You, from director Marc Forster, Lively is blind and then no longer blind, after an operation restores her sight. A miracle—but in a twist, it’s actually a nightmare.


Some other things that happen to Blake Lively when she’s suddenly able to see again, aside from actually being able to see: she dyes her hair from a nice brown to platinum; she spends a lot of time watching fish in an aquarium; her entire life is scored by a creepy chorus of singing children; she either hates or loves her husband, played by Jason Clarke. It also looks like there’s some sort of red-lit sex club scene, but honestly, it could be anything. Anything!

The sense of discombobulation and the trippy visuals, bro, were part of Forster’s vision: “When I make a film, my visuals are always guided by the motivation of both the character and the story,” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “In this case, I wanted to find a way to tell a story without the limitations of traditional narrative devices, where I could literally embody a painter and create innovative and fluid visuals.”

Imagine if you were blind, and then, all of a sudden, after extensive surgery and what I assume is a lot of money, you can see again. This is what it might be like. Right?

All I Can See Is You opens in theaters October 27.

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