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Blake Lively, star of a new movie about a blind person who can see again and erstwhile lifestyle maven, is bopping around the Big Apple on a whirlwind promo tour. Yesterday —a seasonably crisp Monday, perfect for apple picking and cider sipping (I spent it blogging)—Lively wore seven questionable outfits in one day.

I was made aware of this fact by The Daily Mail, which framed Lively’s choice to wear seven curious outfits in one day as some sort of time-saving tactic employed by famous working mothers who need to do promo for their scary movies and tend to their children at the same time. Is this true? Seems to me that changing your outfit seven times in one very long day saves you zero time and also, aren’t the kids with a nanny somewhere, but I’m not the Daily Mail and I’m not an expert in celebrity motherhood. All I know is that Blake Lively wore seven different...interesting outfits and upon seeing those outfits, I am here to rank them for you, in order, from “Madam?” to “Sure.”

7. Madam!: An unfortunate take on the track pants trend

Image: Backgrid

The caption on this photo informed me that Blake somehow left the premiere of her movie, All I Can See Is You to change from one outfit to this “outfit,” which I wish she had left in the giant Ford Explorer that was ferrying her around Manhattan carrying all these freaking costume changes.

6. Heavens, no!: Two coats

Image: Backgrid

This is what Blake Lively wears to leave or enter an office building—a aggressive boot, a tiny Gucci bag, and two jackets. Separate elements of this look are fine but the overall appearance is as if Serena Van der Woodsen’s mood board for Fall 2017 is “rich ‘70s secretary but make it fashion.”

5. Must she?: A lot of yellow

Image: Backgrid

This is what I imagine Big Bird wears when he needs to attend a formal event—tucking his feathers into a mock-turtle, bell-sleeved formal top and pairing that with a wide legged pant that conceals his little ribbed pink legs and the fact that he’s a bird. This is also what Blake Lively chose to wear either leaving from or arriving at Good Morning America.

4. I suppose she must: Houndstoooth (1 of 2)

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If all you’re doing is “stepping out in NYC,” I really don’t see why you couldn’t just wear the same thing you stepped in in. Houndstooth—sure. Bouclé—okay. Fine, Blake. Fine.

3. I’ll accept it but without pleasure: What a gown

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A fine gown for a premiere of a movie that is about a woman who was once blind and can now see again. Why Blake removed this gown to put on the track pant concept is beyond me.

2. Mmk: Executive realness

Image: Backgrid

“Blake Lively looks ready for business as she leaves her hotel in NYC” reads the caption for this photo, which, against all odds, I don’t mind. Not sure why she’s dressed like a dandy stockbroker from 1985, but the idea of Blake Lively realizing that if she was going to take a meeting, she might as well dress like a businessmant tickles me.

1. Sure

Image: Backgrid

This is what she put on her body either after she left GMA or after she arrived. Either way, she showed up in one thing and left in another—a totally normal thing for a celebrity to do when making a five minute appearance on a morning show. Motives aside, I like this because it’s not what Blake Lively would normally wear, but it is what Serena would after walking through the Whitney Biennial and deciding, right then and there, to get into Art. It’s unexpected and has a sort of ASOS-sale section vibe that is not upsetting. Good work, Blake.