Bojack Horseman's Season 5 Trailer Is 'Confusing, Which Means the Show Is Daring and Smart'

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Screenshot: Netflix

Bojack Horseman, an inventive animated show too challenging to distill into a few words so I’ll go with “about a bunch of fucked up animals in the entertainment business,” will drop its fifth season Friday, September 14 on Netflix. The official trailer is here, and by the look of it, things are only getting worse for the show’s perpetually bummed-out cast.


In the clip, our unlikable protagonist Bojack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnett) has somehow gotten his shit together just enough to star in a cop sitcom called Philbert. Scenes of drunken nights and what appears to be some kind of psychedelic hallucination litter the minute-and-half long clip, so, uh, it can’t all be good.


Somewhere nearish the middle of the trailer, Princess Carolyn, the all-business purple cat voiced by Amy Sedaris, declares, “It’s confusing, which means the show is daring and smart,” about Philbert, which also cleverly describes Bojack Horseman and is sure to apply to its fifth season. Don’t watch if you don’t enjoy personified cartoons screwing up their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It’s human as hell.

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Very excited. I think this is truly one of the smartest and funniest shows I’ve ever seen. Just the ridiculous background puns are always so clever - Almost every single shot (is that what you call it in an animated show?) stands on its own as hilarious.

ETA: obviously also very dark and real which is also one of the reasons the show is so good. That scene with Bojack’s mom’s memories last season! And Princess Caroline’s granddaughter!