Bomba Estéreo's New Video for 'Somos Dos' Is a Dream of Beach Frolics

Bomba Estéreo, the Colombian electro cumbia group propelled by the vocals of Li Saumet, just dropped this gem of a late-summer banger, depicting Saumet falling for some dude HER REAL-LIFE FIANCÉ!!! on the coastal of Parque Tayrona, near her hometown of Santa Marta. Endless summer vibes abound, and you’ll wanna get into an August romance after this humid look at love, which builds a filtered guitar riff on a reggaeton clip and Saumet pledging intimate devotion to the fact of a duo. Plus, she styled it herself—those super-cute bikinis are part of her own line, Banana Girl.


This is from Bomba’s latest, Amanecer, out now. Happy Friday.

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Cool song. I have Elegancia Tropical on my Spotify. I shall look for this one now!