Brandi Carlile and the Avett Brothers Cover an Old Country Classic

Here’s a little something different: Brandi Carlile and the Avett Brothers on The David Letterman Show, performing “Keep on the Sunny Side.”

The song’s been around for-damn-ever and you might recognize it from O Brother Where Art Thou, but it’s most closely associated with The Carter Family, who played it often during the miserable dark days of the Great Depression. The tune is upbeat, but the longer the you listen to the lyrics the darker they sound. You know, like most country music.

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You guys! Is it pronounced “Eh-vett Brothers”, like Letterman said it, or “Ah-vett Brothers” like I’ve been saying it in front of everyone I know all the time and oh god have I been saying it wrong like those several years I said Ralph Fiennes’ name like his name was just Ralph, and not the fancy “Rafe” and NO ONE TOLD ME? Don’t do me like that, guys. How do you say it?!