Bravo Has a New Web Series About 'The World of Apology Cakes' Because That's Totally a Thing, I Guess

Image via Jim Cooke, photo via Shutterstock
Image via Jim Cooke, photo via Shutterstock

Because of how insanely successful Bravo’s website has been (last month the site reached 13.5 million people), the channel has decided to add more digital series to its site after premiering its first web series Going Off the Menu, about foodies, last year.


The new digital shows include pop-culture programs like The Weekly Pre-game, which will dissect feuds and news from Bravo TV shows, and a show called Personal Space which will tackle relationship issues and “the three Rs – Romance, Relatives, and Relationships.” But one stand-out is Bake Amends, which features this description:

See what’s cooking in the world of apology cakes, where people say sorry by whipping-up a baked creation… which doesn’t always go according to plan.


An apology cake is exactly what you think it is: a cake that includes a frosting-penned apology. But I didn’t know there was a vast, rich world out there full of apology cakes. I can only hope there will be Bravo channel tie-ins when it comes to Bake Amends, because “put an E-Zpass on that vagina” would look so beautiful in pink, frosted cursive!

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