Bring It On Couldn't Happen Under Betsy DeVos

When I was a freshman in high school, we were told that they—Hollywood—would be shooting a major motion picture at our school. It was all a little cloak and dagger and none of the school officials would give us much info. They did tell us to stay away from the football bleachers, though.


It felt good that our school, Eastlake High, was picturesque enough to be used in a Hollywood movie. It was a very nice school! It was built some time in the ‘90s on the outskirts of Chula Vista, California, where huge tracts of identical homes were sprouting up. The campus was (and still is) huge; my graduating class was around 500 people.

Because the school was fairly recently constructed it had a few amenities that other public schools lacked. One of the buildings even had a little observatory dome on the roof that no one ever used—I don’t think there was a telescope—and the science rooms had glass cabinets with beakers. The football field was above par when it comes to most public schools, apparently catching the eye of a wise scouting agent.


We knew the movie they were shooting was about cheerleaders but they shot over the the weekend so no one ever actually saw the film crew or actors. In fact, I was a little skeptical that it happened at all because there was nothing strange about the football field come Monday.

This is all to say that they shot Bring It On at my high school and it probably wouldn’t have happened if Betsy DeVos were the Secretary of Education.

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Yetta Styles

This movie is a masterpiece, DeVos and her tragic sperm eyebrows can go fuck themselves.