Britney Spears and Tinashe Undulate Back in Time to the Nineties

Here’s the video for the remix of Britney Spears’s song “Slumber Party” featuring Tinashe, and it may give you déjà vu to a time when beading, feathers and faux-lesbianism was all it took to make a video stylish.


Spears enters a mansion after throwing her coat to the ground on the gravel outside. There she finds an assorted collection of FREAKS looking to slumber party all night, living out the most twisted depravities a smoke machine and bubble gun can provide. Tinashe and Britney also writhe suggestively on a couch, though Britney, at least, establishes she’s interested in some het loving with the mystery man sporting a face paint scar over his eye. He looks at her like I looked at the whole thing:


There is a perhaps Holi-inspired (or maybe just Color Run-inspired) slow-mo powder throwing scene towards the end, if posing next to a runway isn’t your idea of fun. I’d still go to this event were I invited, because Britney Spears is there—which is also the only thing carrying this video.

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At least it’s better than that weak ass “Make Me” video.

I thought for a second Tinashe might inspire Britney to try and do some real dancing again :(