Britney Spears Tries Something New With 'Private Show'

Image via RCA Records.
Image via RCA Records.

Really cool woman and master prankster Britney Spears will release her ninth album later this month. It’s called Glory and is a collection of emotionally stirring tracks written by John Legend and Common—oh wait, no, it’s just more pop.

Early Thursday morning, Spears released a new song off the album entitled “Private Show.” It’s nothing like “Make Me”—her indecipherable earworm of a ballad that dropped (without a video) in July—and is instead a peculiar, sort of doo wop-y track about putting on a sexy bedroom performance for a lover (“slide down my pole, watch me spinnin’ and twerkin’”) that sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard from her before. Her voice goes in so many directions, in fact, that it often sounds like it’s not Spears in front of the mic at all.

But it is her! It’s the same Britney Spears who has managed (for the most part) to persevere and maintain relevance after over 15 frequently rocky years in the business. Though I’m not really loving “Private Show,” I must admit that seeing the world’s biggest Britney fans support her no matter what sort of warms my heart.


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Is anyone aware of the best thing in the world, the Fitness Marshall? He’s obsessed with BritBrit and slays her lackluster songs into insanely awesome choreography:

If that’s not your cup of tea, his choreo for “Telephone” makes my heart skip a beat.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you’re an actual cyborg.